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Navigating Consumerism, Debt, and Financial Well-being.

Futurescot has written a feature article about the story and journey of MoneyMatiX.

We're on a mission to transform how people interact with money and empower generations of financially independent communities. Our journey started with our founder, Tynah Matembe.

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Financial wellbeing

Tynah is not just a founder; she's a Saltire Fellow, a chartered banker and a lawyer with extensive experience in the UK financial services sector and international work with the United Nations. A passion for community and family drives Tynah, and she's an avid traveller who ticks off every spot on her map before her hair turns grey.

But Tynah's story takes a turn when she and her family immigrate to Scotland and face a different reality of cashless transactions, consumerism and perpetual debt. Her children believed in the magic of swiping cards for everything, prompting Tynah to take action and change her financial mindset.

This desire for change didn't stop at home. Tynah saw an urgent need in the communities they served. Financial illiteracy was widespread, and young people lacked good financial role models. So she and her then co-founder (who has since moved on) set up MoneyMatiX to empower communities to become financially independent and debt-free.

Read the full article here to learn more about Tynah Matembe's inspiring journey and MoneyMatiX. Join us in our mission to transform lives through financial well-being, education and empowerment!


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