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Don't Just Survive, Thrive with Your Finances: Enjoy Your Money!

Money Mindset Makeover: Embark on a journey to transform your financial perspective

Insightful Reads for Financial Growth: Dive into our collection of enlightening books

Embrace Positivity with "Money gon follow me": Adopt our empowering affirmation to attract financial success

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Ultimate Money Journal

Your daily companion to financial peace.

  • Track your money

  • Set goals

  • Review spending

  • Celebrate your wins

Moneyalphabet 2nd mockup.png

Money Alphabet

Embark on a financial discovery journey with this fun and educational exploration of essential money concepts

Personal Stuff

Money Coaching

Unlock your financial potential

Are you ready for financial peace and prosperity? 

Achieve your goals with our personalised money coaching service.

Why choose our money coaching service?

  • Personalised strategies: You get financial coaching tailored to your unique situation.

  • Build confidence: Gain the confidence you need to make informed financial decisions.

  • Take control: Build a brighter financial future by taking control of your finances.

Are you ready to transform your financial life?

Youth Money Camp

Put your child on the road to success!

Ever thought about giving your teenager a head start in life? Our Youth Money Camp is the answer!

It is a fun and educational program for teens aged 12-18. Teaching them about money, business, teamwork and public speaking.

Why choose our camp?

  • Inspiring mentorship: Invaluable mentorship from real-world business leaders and industry experts who will provide unique insights and guidance throughout the programme.

  • Teamwork and Creativity: Work with peers to create a business proposal and build a solid financial forecast.

  • Pitch like a pro: Learn public speaking and presentation skills, pitching their work to a panel of judges and a wider audience

  • Celebrate success: Watch them shine as they present everything they've worked on at the grand final reception, surrounded by family and friends.

  • Win Prizes: Winning pitches receive prizes; those who wish to pursue their ideas will receive further guidance and resources.


Give your child the gift of entrepreneurship and watch them soar. 


Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Join Our 3-Day Business Retreat

  • Entrepreneurial Mastery in 3 Days: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive residential program tailored for budding entrepreneurs.

  • Start Your Business from Scratch: Perfect for those looking to initiate and grow their own business venture.

  • Collaborative Learning Experience: Engage with like-minded individuals in a creative, team-oriented setting.

  • Master Key Business Skills: Gain insights into crucial areas like financial forecasting, budgeting, and securing funding. 

  • Pitch with Confidence: Learn the art of pitching your ideas effectively.

  • Hands-On Startup Creation: Experience the thrill of designing and building a startup in a nurturing environment. 

  • Tools and Support for Success: Benefit from a wealth of resources and guidance to enhance your entrepreneurial success rate. 

  • Launch Your Business by Program End: Depart with your very own startup, set up and operational. 

MoneyMatiX Youth Money Camp: Nurturing Future Entrepreneurs and Financial Wizards

  • Empowering Young Minds: Join our engaging and educational Youth Money Camps. 

  • Immersive Learning Experience: Dive into a world of entrepreneurial thinking and financial literacy. 

  • Fun and Inspiring Environment: Discover financial concepts in a dynamic and enjoyable setting. 

  • Seeking Partners and Mentors: Collaborate with us to shape the future of young entrepreneurs.

  • Impart Lifelong Skills: Be a part of a movement that equips the youth with essential life skills. 

  • Get Involved: Reach out to learn how you can contribute to our mission. 

  • Become a Partner: Join our network of supportive partners. 

  • Book to Attend: Secure a spot in our transformative Youth Money Camps. 

  • Celebrating Our Partners: Recognising the invaluable contributions of our collaborators. 

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