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International Students

Helping you to be the best in class at recruiting, onboarding, and retaining international students

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A word from our Founder

International students are a significant economic asset, contributing millions to the UK education system and serving as the lifeblood of our universities. However, do we pause to consider the challenges they face when arriving in the UK from overseas? Many hail from vastly different financial systems. In addition to adapting to a new country, leaving home for the first time, making new acquaintances, and studying diligently, they must also navigate unfamiliar financial landscapes. Often originating from cash-based societies, they may lack experience with banking, credit, and even contactless payments. 

We're not your standard financial literacy company. Moneymatix is at the forefront of blending cultural insights with financial expertise, creating an uncommon and captivating approach to financial education and integration for Black and international students. This isn't just about making a difference. It's about pioneering a change, ensuring that financial empowerment is inclusive, impactful, and deeply rooted in understanding the unique experiences of Black and international students in the UK.

Why Partner with Moneymatix?

Working with Education Partners

Moneymatix's Unique Solution

Our platform and Bootcamps aren't just about financial literacy; we are a bridge to cultural understanding and empowerment.

We deliver Culturally Attuned Financial Workshops

Designed not just to educate but to resonate, addressing the specific financial dynamics and challenges Black and international students face.

We offer Bespoke Integration Initiatives

Beyond typical support, we aim for deeper engagement, crafting spaces for social inclusion and academic mentorship.

Strategic Financial Access

We're not just teaching finance; we're unlocking doors, ensuring Black and international students have equitable access to essential financial services.

Our Programme of Financial Education for The Class of 24

We will work with you to help your students with: -


  • The psychological impact of financial strain vs. government policies and restrictions

  • Cultural shocks/adjustments and navigating the system.

  • Alternative and available financial support

  • ​​June – LIVE EVENT: International students round table discussing the money challenges in coming to the UK.

  • Summer – workshops for arriving students to prepare them for their arrival.

  • Launch international students' money peer-to-peer forum!

  • LIVE Freshers Event for all overseas students – teaching them about the UK financial system and the differences in approaching money.

  • Bespoke University Money Guide for International Students.

  • Feedback from students/ monitoring the success of campaign – community engagement.

To find out more

Our BESPOKE offering to Universities, Colleges, and organisations includes

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Thriving Beyond Borders

Managing money in a new country

Thriving Beyond Borders is a personal finance guide for newcomers. Showcasing the heritage and lived experiences of ten migrants to unpack a unique perspective on starting fresh and succeeding.

Filled with valuable tips on making the most of your resources. It's an ideal read for ex-pats, international students & anyone looking to streamline their finances.

It will help you:

  • Advance your career

  • Explore alternative finance

  • Get budgeting hacks

  • See Money through a new lens

All on the backdrop of unique heritages and cultures.

Get your copy today!

Money Munch & Music
Tune up your Finances Workshop

An interactive Money Event ideal for university students, groups and friends delivered in a fun, informal, conversational-styled format, showing participants the critical aspects of Money, Safety, and the Financial Landscape in a cool memorable way that opens up money conversations. Complete with food, Music even the Tok" aimed at young adults and millennials looking to make the most of their financial future - submit the form with your group's needs for a quote The event aims to provide information, education, and prevention measures to promote financial and mental well-being.

The event aims to provide information, education, and prevention measures to promote financial and mental well-being.


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