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2024 Financial Inclusion Manifesto

Inclusive Finance for a Prosperous UK

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Tynah Matembe's Financial Inclusion Manifesto highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address Financial Exclusion in the UK, particularly focusing on People of Colour and marginalised groups. Matembe, drawing from her experiences as a first-generation migrant and entrepreneur of colour, emphasises the pressing disparities, systemic barriers, and economic losses due to exclusion. She stresses the importance of creating tailored financial solutions and fostering inclusivity in the financial sector to drive economic growth and social equity.

​Tynah Financial Inclusion Manifesto sets forth a series of strategic actions designed to address financial exclusion and promote economic equity in the UK. These action points encompass innovative approaches to redefining diversity metrics, creating a national financial inclusion framework, and empowering communities through tailored programs. Matembe's recommendations aim to dismantle systemic barriers, foster inclusivity, and drive transformative change in the financial sector, paving the way for a more vibrant and inclusive economy in the UK.

Manifesto Action Points

Policy Recommendations

Within this Manifesto, a set of robust policy recommendations are outlined to combat Financial Exclusion and advance economic equity in the UK. These proposals include measures such as advocating for a UK Community Investment Act to mandate support for financial inclusion, introducing the International Student Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Fund (ISEEF) to nurture global talent, and emphasising the importance of systemic change to foster inclusivity and prosperity.

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