Scottish Enterprise Unlocking Ambition Finalist!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Scottish Enterprise Unlocking Ambition Finalist

Now, this is tremendous news. Our founder and CEO Tynah Matembe is a finalist for the 2021/2022 Scottish Enterprise Unlocking Ambition cohort. This means so much for the MoneyMatiX journey. Joining the cohort gives MoneyMatiX yet another opportunity to inspire and progress the vision of maximising the income and potential of diverse families so they #model #healthy Money habits for their children, the next generation.

Whilst speaking at Enterprise Nation's Festival of Female Founders recently, Tynah was quoted saying; "If you have an idea or a dream you can make it happen. Just surround yourself with the right network, the right people". This here is a testament to Tynah’s comment above.

We would like to congratulate the Unlocking Ambition team for putting together such a fantastic and prestigious programme. It is a flagship entrepreneurial development fund, initiated by the First Minister for Scotland and delivered by Scottish Enterprise to support highly ambitious entrepreneurs from across Scotland, chosen for their individual potential, the quality of their ideas and the contribution they can make to the environment, the economy and wider society.

#Thankyou Unlocking Ambition and #everyoneeverywhere that tangibly supports MoneyMatiX together we are all helping create and nurture capable communities and ensuring that the next generation will have financial wellbeing and peace of mind. This one is for you all xoxo 😍 🥂

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