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Join Our 3-Day Business Retreat

Empowering StartUp Success


Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Join Our 3-Day Business Retreat

  • Entrepreneurial Mastery in 3 Days: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive residential program tailored for budding entrepreneurs.

  • Start Your Business from Scratch: Perfect for those looking to initiate and grow their own business venture.

  • Collaborative Learning Experience: Engage with like-minded individuals in a creative, team-oriented setting.

  • Master Key Business Skills: Gain insights into crucial areas like financial forecasting, budgeting, and securing funding. 

  • Pitch with Confidence: Learn the art of pitching your ideas effectively.

  • Hands-On Startup Creation: Experience the thrill of designing and building a startup in a nurturing environment. 

  • Tools and Support for Success: Benefit from a wealth of resources and guidance to enhance your entrepreneurial success rate. 

  • Launch Your Business by Program End: Depart with your very own startup, set up and operational. 

Our Partners

Royal Bank of Scotland
The University of Edinburgh
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Youth Scotland
Hands Together

Partner with Us in Shaping Future Financial Leaders

  • Collaborative opportunities for businesses and organisations.

  • Impactful role in youth financial education.

  • Enhance corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  • Join a network of supporters and influencers.

  • Contribute to the development of innovative young minds.

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