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Welcome to 'The Grow Your Money Podcast'—Transforming Money Conversations

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Welcome to "The Grow Your Money Podcast", where we're on a mission to change how we talk about money. Our fireside chats are the heart of our show, bringing the energy and excitement of in person events - straight to your ears.


We aim to connect you with inspiring voices and stories that matter, sharing relatable experiences and insights that will transform your financial life. Everyone deserves access to practical financial knowledge, so we are making #moneyconversations relatable by inviting guests from all walks of life to share their real-life experiences with money.


But this isn't your typical money show. We look at the emotional, psychological, and cultural factors that shape our relationship with money.

Transforming Money Conversations: Inspiring Financial Independence

Unlocking Financial Independence: Navigating the System and Challenging the Status Quo

Women in Business Interview: Royal Bank of Scotland with the Daily Record

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