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Launching in 

October 2022

Grow Your Money Challenge

For 1 week each month only spend on necessities and stash the rest towards achieving your dreams.

Save £1,000+

Win prizes

Reset your money mindset

Dreams Come True

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Could you go a week buying only NEEDS for the sake of achieving your goals?

Yes, you can!

Learn Good Habits By Doing


Gain new money habits. Earn rewards and win prizes as you get closer to achieving your goals!

Let your £s go further!

Grow with a Community


Meet like-minded people, share knowledge, opportunities and get support.

It's fun and dreams!

The Challenge is a FREE program to join 😁

Join for free and get:

  • A personalised Goal Setting Session

  • Free financial planning and debt advice sessions

  • A printable Grow your money Resource Pack

  • Monthly workshops and events with guest speakers

  • Tips & tools to motivate, teach and keep you on track

  • Prizes, deals and rewards

  • Access to a community of like-minded champions and accountability partners.🤓

Congratulations, you are in!