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Thriving Beyond Borders

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Thriving Beyond Borders is a book that can help you see money differently and gain control over your finances. Whether you're new to managing money, struggling with financial difficulties, adjusting to a new lifestyle, living paycheck to paycheck, or just looking for a fresh perspective on financial management, this book is a fun and informative guide to improving your financial situation.

It is a fact of human existence that every individual has a personal relationship with finance. Our interaction with money and understanding of financial well-being differs based on various factors, perceptions, and circumstances. As such, a "one size fits all" approach can never be inclusive in finance.

This book uses real stories and expert guidance to explore migrants' financial experiences. It's a valuable resource discussing integration, finance, and inclusion in today's rapidly evolving global economy. The book amplifies marginalised voices and encourages open discussions on the financial experiences of migrants in Scotland while providing practical money tips and unique best practice suggestions that can be life-changing for anyone.

If you're considering moving to a new country, starting fresh or going through a life transition, the stories and guidance here will help you along the way and long after settling.

The author, Tynah, migrated to Scotland sixteen years ago and faced challenges and financial vulnerability as she started her new life. With a law degree and extensive financial services experience worldwide, Tynah now shares her expertise to help people gain a fresh perspective on making the most of their resources and achieving financial independence.

The book's chapters portray the incredible ability of the human spirit to adapt and grow. Using financial experiences as a lens, it explores broader themes of identity, community, and belonging.

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed when you think about finances OR have been frustrated with personal finance advice from "experts" that doesn't apply to your unique situation, regardless of your financial journey, Thriving Beyond Borders has everything you need to start making positive financial changes. It's filled with simple personal finance tips that anyone can use immediately.

Tynah has distilled her decades-long experience in the financial world into a beneficial guide to help people tackle common money problems. The guide is presented in an intriguing format, with authentic stories of real people that make it engaging to read while offering time-tested and proven personal finance wisdom to help you start your journey to financial wellness.

Thriving Beyond Borders Is Perfect For:

  • Expats and migrants of any age who are moving or planning to move to a new location

  • International students who are studying away from their hometown or country and students new to money

  • People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond 65 who need to organise their finances

  • Anyone interested in making financial changes to build monetary and social capital


You will learn:

  • The best ways to position yourself for career success

  • How to navigate the UK Banking System

  • How to leverage alternative finance options, including Money Clubs, Credit Unions and more

  • First steps to starting a Side Hustle

  • The best way to access financial support

  • How to Raise Your Children on a Budget

  • Yes, Investing—how to start small and make your money work for you without taking on too much risk or learning complicated graphs.

  • How to leave a legacy and influence policy so you can do your part and leave your mark on society and family

All with a backdrop of unique stories of heritage and a different perspective!

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