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2024 Financial Inclusion Manifesto – Promoting Inclusive Finance for a Prosperous UK

With all the electioneering going on, I have been most disheartened by the lack of any mention of financial inclusion in any of the debates of collateral.

I believe we are currently facing ‘Financial Apartheid’ – by that I mean a systemic and deliberate segregation in the financial sector that disproportionately limits access to financial services and opportunities for marginalised communities, thereby perpetuating economic inequality and social injustice.

Politicians might think that financial inclusion is already being adequately addressed through existing policies and programs, or that it is an issue being handled by financial institutions and regulatory bodies rather than needing direct political intervention –unfortunately this is not the reality for people of colour.

This issue is very close to my heart, and, quite frankly, all the main political parties are ignoring it – so I want to do my bit to put in on the political agenda.  I believe there needs to be a closer collaboration with the FinTech industry to create innovative solutions for customer engagement and financial access. By integrating cutting-edge technology with regulatory support, financial services can become universally accessible, affordable, and user-friendly.

In this manifesto, I hope to expose the shocking realities of financial exclusion. As a first-generation migrant, I am writing from first-hand experience, and I will continue to speak out until my message is heard.  Hopefully the new parliament will adopt some of my practical solutions to ensure everyone in the UK can access essential financial services.

I am asking whoever takes ‘the keys to Number 10’ to finally prioritise financial inclusion for all segments of society, as millions of people continue being left behind and significant injustices and disparities in financial wellness persist, particularly for Black and brown people.

Enjoy the read.   DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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