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Recharge your financial health and achieve your goals.

This is the balance between:

"I need to save & you only live once" - YOLO

Grow your money challenge
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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • "I'm torn between wanting to save money and the 'you only live once' mentality."

  • "My finances are chaotic; I don't know where to begin."

  • "Despite earning a good income, I have nothing tangible to demonstrate for it."

  • "As an adult, I should have a better grasp on my finances."

  • "I'm exhausted by my debt and yearn for it to be eradicated."

  • "I seem to hop from one budget to the next without making any real progress."

What If It Didn’t Have To Be Like That?

For 1 week each month only spend on necessities and stash the rest towards achieving your dreams. We will guide you throughout the Money Diet Week - 1st week of every month.

How It Works

For the first week of each month - Money Diet Week, only spend on necessities and put the rest towards achieving your dreams.

Grow Your Money Challenge is FREE to join 😁

Join for free and get:

  • A personalised Goal Setting Session

  • Free financial planning and debt advice

  • A printable Grow your money Resource Pack

  • Monthly workshops and events 

  • Tips & tools to motivate, teach and keep you on track

  • Prizes, deals, and rewards

  • Support to start your business or side hustle

  • Access to a community of like-minded champions and accountability partners.

  • What is a Financial Wellbeing Workshop?
    It is a tailored sessions designed to provide a solid understanding of various financial topics, as well as give relevant, practical advice for effective personal financial management.
  • Who are your workshops designed for?
    Our workshops are tailored to the participants. We espacially cover a broad range of ideas especially tailored to newcomers to the U.K. , ethnic minoroties and financially vulnerable people. We also arrange separate sessions for your workforce and/or clients based on specific needs and concerns they may have.
  • Can I insert a video in my FAQ?
    Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a video to When editing your answer, click on the video icon and then paste the YouTube or Vimeo video URL That's it! A thumbnail of your video will appear in answer text box
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ title"?"
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
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