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Meet Tynah Matembe: Visionary Behind MoneyMatix

Inspiring Change in Financial Education and Empowerment

  • Distinguished Keynote Speaker: Sharing insights on financial literacy and empowerment.

  • Acclaimed Author: Offering wisdom in the realm of personal and community financial well-being.

  • Podcast Host: Leading conversations on 'Grow Your Money' to enlighten and educate.

  • Advocate for Financial Education: Passionate about making financial knowledge accessible to all.

  • Champion of Youth and Communities: Committed to empowering underrepresented groups with financial tools.

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Fintech Leadership

Podcast Host


Community Focus

Financial Inclusion

Program Innovator

Media Presence

Global Insights

Make money resolution - Tynah


“Superb presenter -face to face and virtually with the ability to reach out to a wide range of audiences and the subject matter is spot on. I was very impressed with the workshop MoneyMatiX ran for Horumar Somali women. It was well-paced, engaging, and informative. We had rave reviews from participants highly recommend them."

Prof Christine Bamford,

CEO/Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Women's Coin

Our Partners

Royal Bank of Scotland
The University of Edinburgh
Fintech Scotland
Youth Scotland

Join Tynah's Financial Revolution

Embark on Your Journey to Financial Empowerment with MoneyMatix

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