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Build a Financially Savvy Future

Educational Programs for Youth, Parents, and Entrepreneurs

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Expert Educators

Led by experienced professionals in financial education for children.

Safe Learning

Secure and child-friendly learning environment for financial education.


Programs developed from extensive research and real-world financial insights.

Thriving Beyond Borders

Thriving Beyond Borders is a personal finance guide for newcomers. Showcasing the heritage and lived experiences of ten migrants to unpack a unique perspective on starting fresh and succeeding.

Filled with valuable tips on making the most of your resources. It's an ideal read for ex-pats, international students & anyone looking to streamline their finances.

It will help you:

  • Advance your career

  • Explore alternative finance

  • Get budgeting hacks

  • See Money through a new lens

All on the backdrop of unique heritages and cultures.

Get your copy today!

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Empowering Financial Mastery for Everyone

Expert Guidance

Practical Skills

Educational Podcasts

Immersive Experiences

Inclusive Learning

Empowering Everyone

Real-life Challenges

Professional Growth

Financial Toolkits

Improve your financial wellness with the only Budgeting Rule you need, check that you are not leaving any money you are owed.

Empowering Financial Mastery for Everyone

  • Expertise Across Ages: Professional financial literacy for children, adults, and businesses.

  • Interactive Education: Engaging financial learning for all age groups.

  • Real-Life Application: Skills for managing money in everyday and business scenarios.

  • Family Financial Growth: Resources for whole-family financial development.

  • Confidence in Finance: Building financial decision-making skills for everyone.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Diverse topics for a thorough understanding of finance.

  • Lifelong Learning: Podcasts and immersive experiences that enlighten and engage.


“Superb presenter -face to face and virtually with the ability to reach out to a wide range of audiences and the subject matter is spot on. I was very impressed with the workshop MoneyMatiX ran for Horumar Somali women. It was well-paced, engaging, and informative. We had rave reviews from participants highly recommend them."

Prof Christine Bamford,

CEO/Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Women's Coin

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