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Practical Money Management Skills to help you live a happier, healthier life!
Our programs are designed to improve wellbeing and promote financial inclusion.
Bridging the gap through Financial & Entrepreneurial Education

Unlock the secrets to Growing Your Money

Collection of Images from moneymatix grow your money challenge and youth money camp

Who We Are

MoneyMatiX: Igniting conversations about money, promoting financial well-being through practical resources, engaging podcasts, and innovative programs. Partnering with individuals, businesses, schools, and communities to empower people in managing finances and building wealth. Addressing systemic barriers to financial inclusion through collaborations with mainstream organisations. Improving well-being and social contribution in communities.

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“Superb presenter -face to face and virtually with the ability to reach out to a wide range of audiences and the subject matter is spot on. I was very impressed with the workshop MoneyMatiX ran for Horumar Somali women. It was well-paced, engaging, and informative. We had rave reviews from participants highly recommend them."

Prof Christine Bamford,

CEO/Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Women's Coin

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