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As Featured on Scotsman: Meet five of the most important players in Scottish fintech

Tynah Matembe, founder of MoneyMatiX, brings her passion for family, community, and financial empowerment to the forefront as the company's CEO. After a career that spanned the UN's World Food Programme and the Royal Bank of Scotland, where she earned her chartered banker accreditation, Tynah embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship.

Alongside her co-founder, Helene Rodger, Tynah established MoneyMatiX in 2018. This Edinburgh-based company is dedicated to helping both adults and young people learn essential financial management skills, achieve financial goals, and enhance their mental well-being by addressing money-related stress.

MoneyMatiX operates on the principle that people typically turn to family and friends for financial advice. Their mission is to empower individuals to develop sound financial habits and become role models for their loved ones, fostering more open and comfortable conversations about money.

At the core of MoneyMatiX's approach is the holistic "Kuza" program, which translates to "nurture and grow." Kuza encompasses KuzaKash, a finance management app designed to assist families with goal-setting, and KuzaLearn, a tailored financial well-being program delivered in schools, workplaces, and community groups.

To learn more about Tynah Matembe's inspiring journey and MoneyMatiX's impactful work, click the button below to read the full article.


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