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Expert Insights: Tynah Matembe features as Money Expert on CAP Money Coaching service

Earlier this year, Tynah Matembe featured as a money expert in Christian Against Poverty’s (CAP) newly refreshed money coaching service.

What is money coaching?

CAP has drawn on its 25 years of experience, helping tens of thousands of people take control of their finances, to bring you a money management course that really works. Money coaching is a completely free service designed to empower anyone with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to better manage their finances.

What are people saying about money coaching?

People from a broad range of lifestyles have completed our money coaching courses over the years – from seasoned budgeting experts to those struggling to get to grips with their spending – and tell us it’s revolutionised their money habits.

Tynah is one of our trusted money experts with particular expertise in personal finance. You’ll get to know more about Tynah and her wealth of knowledge if you join one of CAP’s money coaching courses that are running across the UK.

Why was it important to have Tynah contribute?

A primary value we hold at CAP is to create a safe environment where people can be honest without fear of being judged. Truth be told, we’ve all probably found ourselves being secretly critical of how someone else spends their money; but we all spend money differently because we all value different things. It was really important for us at CAP to establish money coaching as a non-judgmental place where people feel free to talk about their money concerns and can budget to suit their unique lifestyle.

As someone with a wealth of experience in personal finance, Tynah was our top choice to help us navigate this approach. Tynah’s expertise meant she was able to offer a helpful framework, using a financial personality quiz, through which participants could learn a bit more about themselves. A financial personality may sound like a bit of fun – and it is! – but we noticed that this exercise is particularly impactful when you are trying to create a budget with someone else, like a partner.

Tynah helped us demonstrate that once you learn about someone else’s financial personality, you can begin to appreciate where they are coming from; this goes a long way to help having honest conversations as you build your budget together. This has far-reaching effects beyond simple ‘budgeting’, like improved communication and better relationships, which are essential to creating a happy life.

Working with Tynah

We loved working with Tynah! She delivered exactly what we were looking for, but did it in a really fresh way that we would never have thought of. Tynah is professional, warm, personable and an all-round delight to work with.

Where can I find out more about money coaching?

Money coaching is run by churches across the four UK nations. Through CAP’s expertly crafted print and video resources, churches can help anyone in their community develop critical money management skills. Through videos, activities, discussions and one-to-one coaching, participants are empowered with the skills, knowledge, tools and, most importantly, the confidence to improve their financial wellbeing, whatever their circumstances. Find out more and if money coaching is running near you at or explore running money coaching at your church at

Our favourite Tynah quotes

‘It just goes to show that there is no right or wrong personality, there’s no right or wrong approach.’

‘Find out who you really are as this will help you in determining how you [like to] go about budgeting and planning.’

‘The point of learning how to manage and master your money is so you can enjoy your life.’


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