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MoneyMatix Empowers Financial Well-being and Inclusivity: An Interview with Jane Morrison-Ross

In a year of reflection and transformation, MoneyMatix is actively engaging with women in STEM careers to explore their experiences. This initiative aims to recognise the progress made in female inclusivity in STEM since Ada Lovelace's time while acknowledging the barriers that persist. Through these conversations, MoneyMatix seeks to drive positive change and make STEM careers accessible to more women.

HEAD Sourcing had an enlightening discussion with Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO of ScotlandIS. She shared her remarkable journey from pursuing a postgraduate course in multimedia technology in the mid-90s to advising global businesses on new technologies. While she experienced diverse and supportive environments in larger organisations, Jane acknowledges that overall female participation in STEM, particularly in technology, remains below ideal levels.

Read the full interview here to discover Jane's background, her insights on being a woman in STEM, and her thoughts on the role of male colleagues in achieving gender balance. Jane also touches on the impact of COVID-19 on gender diversity in STEM and highlights inspiring women in the field, including Tynah Matembe, co-founder of MoneyMatix, and Janet Oniya, a rising star in Accenture.

For more insightful discussions and updates, stay connected with MoneyMatix. Click the button below to access the full interview and delve deeper into the conversation.


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