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MoneyMatiX Joins Prestigious Startup Grind Global Conference

MoneyMatiX is excited to announce its participation in the 2022 Startup Grind Global Conference. This prestigious event gathers over 3,000 top start-ups and scale-ups, uniting innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs across 125 countries and 600 chapters worldwide.

Out of 178 applications from Scottish technology start-ups and scale-ups, a select group has been chosen to represent Scotland at this exciting conference. MoneyMatiX is proud to be part of this cohort, joining other remarkable companies like R3-IoT, HindSight, and Bio Technical Scotland.

The Scottish Government's Technology Ecosystem Fund provides invaluable support to this dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Scottish Development International will also host a special "pitch party" in Silicon Valley, offering our cohort the chance to present their businesses to hand-picked US investors and connect with successful Scots from the Global Scot network.

Technology Ecosystem
Silicon Valley Cohort to Startup Grind Conference

Startup Grind Scotland co-director Nick Murray enthusiastically stated, "Our diverse cohort, spanning different business stages, ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds, truly reflects Scotland's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. We anticipate that this journey will provide inspiration and professional opportunities and encourage trust, openness, and peer relationships within the group."

Mark Logan, advisor to the Scottish Government's Technology Ecosystem, and former COO of Skyscanner, highlighted the immense potential within this cohort and emphasised their responsibility to Scotland's entrepreneurial community.

The Startup Grind Scotland Programme aligns with the recommendations outlined in the 2020 Logan Report, focusing on peer learning and knowledge sharing among Scottish entrepreneurs and global ecosystems.

This exciting journey aims to empower MoneyMatiX and its peers with invaluable experiences, new connections, and a global mindset to benefit the Scottish tech ecosystem.

For the full article and more details on MoneyMatiX's participation in the Startup Grind Global Conference, please click here.

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