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Scotland Fintech Festival – Unlocking the Customer Innovation that Open Banking Enables

In an exciting session during this year's Scotland Fintech Festival, FWB Park Brown hosted a virtual event titled "Unlocking the Customer Innovation that Open Banking Enables." We had the privilege of welcoming Louise Smith, Chair of Innovate Finance, to lead our esteemed panel, which included:

  • Duncan Cockburn, Founder & CEO at OneBanks

  • James Varga, CEO & Founder at DirectID

  • Sergei Miller-Pomphrey, Senior Product Manager – Innovation at Modulr

  • Tynah Matembe, Founder & CEO at MoneyMatix

The event delved into the expansive realm of open banking, sparking illuminating discussions on its customer-centric applications, ever-evolving expectations, regulatory perspectives, and the critical role of education.

Discover More: To gain deeper insights into the discussions and perspectives shared during this enlightening event, click the button below.


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