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Scotland's Outstanding Female Leader in Fintech announced.

The 2023 Scottish Financial Technology Awards were an evening of celebration, honouring outstanding companies and individuals who have demonstrated resilience and innovation in the financial services and fintech landscape. Among the luminaries recognised at this prestigious event, Tynah Matembe, the founder and CEO of MoneyMatiX, stood out as Scotland's Outstanding Female Leader in Fintech.

Scotland Financial Technology Awards
Award winning Leader

MoneyMatiX, an organisation dedicated to equipping under-served communities with essential money management skills, was represented with grace and passion by Tynah Matembe. The judges acknowledged Matembe's commitment to the betterment of young people in Scotland as truly outstanding. Tynah said: "I've been working in fintech for three years, so it means a lot. Getting recognition for doing the right thing means a lot."

For Matembe, "doing the right thing" means positively impacting the lives of individuals and the world at large. She believes in moving the dial, and guiding people in the right direction for the business and real world. This recognition serves as a testament to her dedication to making a real difference and shaping the future of Fintech.

Scottish Financial Technology Award Winner
Award winning Leader

Tynah Matembe's hopes for the future are rooted in the belief that this recognition will inspire larger players in the industry to become more involved and actively support the field of fintech in Scotland. Her achievements and passion are paving the way for a brighter future in financial technology, where more voices and talents, like hers, can make a meaningful impact.

In a landscape filled with impressive winners and finalists, Tynah Matembe and MoneyMatiX shine as beacons of positive change and commitment to empowering the younger generation with essential financial skills. As Scotland's Outstanding Female Leader in fintech, Tynah Matembe's journey continues to make a real difference and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Congratulations to all the Winners and Nominees, including James Varga of DirectID whom Tynah presented with "The Evangelist" Award.


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